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You must close the case with E-Verify and you may terminate your employee's employment without penalty. If this occurs, you will need to find out the correct expiration date from your employee and create a new case. You will not be able to submit the information as part of the original case. Close the case.

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Once you have received the final result, you must close the case you created with E-Verify. Click on the Employees tab and search for the employee whose case you wish to close. You will be taken to the E-Verify report. Method 2. Use "Self Check" to confirm your employment eligibility.

My E-Verify is a website that provides employees with a tool called "Self Check" for checking their records within the same databases used by employers to verify employment eligibility. Self Check guides you through a series of basic questions about your identity and work authorization and then compares the information you provide with various government records to determine your work eligibility in the United States.

Self Check is a useful tool for job seekers who wish to confirm their records before an employer investigates their employment authorization. Establish your identity. In order to use My E-Verify to confirm your employment eligibility, you must first establish your identity. Enter basic identifying information, such as your name, address and date of birth. Entering your Social Security Number is optional at this point, but will be mandatory at a later stage.

Answer a series of questions based on your personal information that only you would be able to answer. Note that, though the quiz only takes about a minute to complete, you will be timed.

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Enter document data. If you successfully establish your identity, you will be directed to confirm your work eligibility. Social Security number or U. Get results. In the final screen, the system will inform you of whether the information you provided matches the government records used by E-Verify.

Qualifying for Social Security as a Legal Immigrant

If there is a mismatch, this means an employer who searches your name using E-Verify will not be able to authorize your employment. Method 3.

This record, which is known as an "A" file, will include all of the information the government has about your prior contacts with immigration authorities. Examining your A file is an important starting point for understanding how your past contacts with immigration may impact any future applications you file for an immigration benefit. You will need to identify your purpose in filing a FOIA request in order to determine to which agency the request should be sent.

Only file a FOIA request if the information you need is specifically related to immigration. If, for example, you need a record of your criminal convictions in the U. If you wish to obtain the immigration record of a person other than yourself, you will need to secure that person's consent. If you request an immigration record for a non-consenting party, you will be provided with only limited information that is releasable to the public. Identify which agency has the information you need.

Each DHS agency will provide you with a different section of your A file. For this reason, it is important that you identify the correct agency before filing your request so that you send it to the agency that will provide you with the information you need.

This is helpful if you have ever entered the U. The CBP record will provide you with a critical starting point for analyzing how your fraudulent or illegal entry into the U. For example, if you applied for residence through marriage and were denied, your USCIS record would provide you with the reasons why your application was denied. If you have been detained by immigration authorities and wish to obtain a copy of the charging document in your case, send your FOIA request to ICE. Decide whether to submit your FOIA request by mail or electronically.

A FOIA request can either be submitted by mail or electronically. If you choose to submit it by mail, you will need to fill out a copy of Form G Fill out Form G Type or print neatly in blue or black ink, providing all of the information requested.

If you are an attorney, or otherwise requesting records for someone who has given you his consent, then you should enter your own contact information, but mark "no" where you are asked if you are the subject of the record. In Part 3, write out a description of the documents you are requesting. What does the public charge statute say? Affidavits of support are legally enforceable contracts between the U.

If the immigrant does receive welfare, the government can sue the sponsor for breach of contract for at least 10 years or otherwise seek to collect.

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Does the rule or statute ban immigrants from using welfare? The rule and statute bans immigrants from receiving legal status in the United States based on a bureaucrat's projection that they might become dependent on the government in the future. This may discourage some immigrants from applying for welfare indirectly, but it does not prevent them from doing so.

Even if an immigrant has never used welfare at any point in their life, a bureaucrat could still determine that they are likely to become dependent on the government at some time in their life in the future. Who does the public charge statute apply to? Language services are available and free of charge.

IER regularly hosts webinars to educate employers, workers or other members of the public about the protections and obligations under the anti-discrimination provision. Regularly occurring webinars include webinars targeted to: 1 employers, 2 workers and their advocates, 3 Spanish-speaking audiences, and 4 individuals wishing to better understand workers' rights in the I-9 and E-Verify context presented by IER jointly with U. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

If you are an organization seeking to educate your staff or your community about the anti-discrimination provision, you may also inquire about scheduling a customized webinar to suit your needs by emailing: IER usdoj. IER staff may be available to participate in seminars, conferences, and workshops to educate employers, workers or other members of the public about protections and obligations under the anti-discrimination provision. Please submit all requests by email to IER usdoj. The Department of Justice's Office of Public Affairs is the principal point of contact for the Department of Justice with the news media.

The Office is responsible for ensuring that the public is informed about the Department's activities and about the priorities and policies of the Attorney General and the President with regard to law enforcement and legal affairs. The telephone number for the Office of Public Affairs is Which documents may I show my employer to establish my identity and employment eligibility?

The Department of Homeland Security has designated several combinations of acceptable documents from which workers can choose to prove their identity and employment eligibility. The Form I-9 contains Lists of Acceptable Documents that fall into three categories see next question for additional information about acceptable documents.

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A worker is allowed to produce either List A documentation establishing both identity and employment eligibility , or a combination of documentation from List B establishing identity and List C establishing employment eligibility. Employers are not allowed to specify which documents they will accept from a worker and should not prevent an individual from working because of a document's future expiration date. For further information about acceptable documents, visit I-9 Central.

For concerns about possible discriminatory practices relating to employment eligibility verification, contact IER. You can also learn more about unfair documentary practices at 8 U. Some examples of these documents include a Form I issued to asylees or work-authorized nonimmigrants for example, H-1B nonimmigrants because of their immigration status, an unexpired Reentry Permit Form I , Certificate of U.

If I don't have a document from the Lists of Acceptable Documents, can I show my employer something else?

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Under the receipt rule which is discussed here and found at 8 C. The receipt is valid for a temporary period. There are three different documents that qualify as acceptable receipts for I-9 purposes. First, a worker may present a receipt for the application for a replacement document when the document has been lost, stolen, or damaged.